Human activity in the desert

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In some parts of the African continent the desert is mainly used for sporting events such as the Dakar Rally.

Human activity in the desert

The desert is characterized by flat sandy plains with extreme heat conditions. Nothing much can grow in the desert except for a few plants that can survive in extreme heat conditions. There is little activity in the desert due to its nature.

In some parts of the African continent the desert is mainly used for sporting events such as the Dakar Rally. The desert is also used a route for people traveling through it, whereas in some parts there are certain tribes who live in the desert such as the Tuareg's of the Sahara desert.

Some tribes who live near or in the desert mainly use a route for transportation of goods across different countries such as Mali, Niger among others.

The Dakar Rally is a very popular event which was created in 1978. It starts from Paris in France to Dakar in Senegal. The Dakar Rally has three types of races, the Car class, Truck class and the Motor class.

Deserts form sand dunes which are a major tourist attraction, other than the famous Dakar rally most of desert land across the world has little human activity.

Another human activity that takes place in the desert is farming. Water supply in the desert is hard to find because any underground reservoirs run out quickly. Desert farming requires lots of water to water the plants.

Egypt has been successful in doing extensive farming in the desert, given that Egypt is in the desert it has proved to mankind that it is possible to grow food in the desert especially if irrigation is done extensively.

Most people like to farm in the desert because it is cheaper and you are assured of sunshine and heat all year round.
Developments such as construction of cities are so of the uses of the desert that humans have embarked on. An example of cities built in the desert is Dubai which has massive buildings and other developments such as man-made islands and man-made lakes.

Dubai is the number one hub of business in the world yet all this is happening right in the desert! It is quite amazing what technology and development can yield.

There are thoughts of turning the deserts into huge solar power farms, due to the fact that there is lots of sunshine all throughout the year that can supply solar power to a huge area though the costs of the solar power farm would be costly.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
15th Nov 2011 (#)

I recently moved from Medicine Hat, a city in southern Alberta, the area around it was called a desert, although it didnt really look like what most people consider to be a desert, but did have rattle snakes!

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author avatar Funom Makama
15th Nov 2011 (#)

this is a great Piece, thanks a lot for sharing.

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author avatar ANGELA .W. WANDERA
21st Nov 2011 (#)

wow mark I hate snakes that must be tough for you rattle snakes are mostly found in vegetation.
Thanks Funom keep reading

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author avatar Denise O
23rd Nov 2011 (#)

Great information on deserts. Thank you for sharing.:)

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28th Mar 2017 (#)

very good website

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